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A smarter engine for your investments

Investments built for you, that automatically adapt to all market environments.

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Lower fees.

Monitor all your financial accounts.

Set financial goals. Track progress.

We Are Your Chief Investment Officer. Investments That Are Always On.

Building financial wellness for all.

Let us handle the hard stuff.

Institutional Quality Investments For Everyone.
Don't Have To Be Warren Buffet to Invest Successfully.

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Not Your Parent's Advisor.

Automated Investments that Adapt

Markets change and your investments should too. Our research driven portfolios are designed to navigate all market environments. We'll invest based upon your personalized risk score and objectives.


Financial Planning Tools

You Work Hard For Your Money.
Isn't It Time It Reciprocated?


Mismatched investment risk exposure can result in investors falling into a trap of buying based on euphoria and selling based on fear. When you invest with us we start by determining your personal risk score so that we can can put you in the right mix of investments.


Reduce Losses. Enhance Outcomes.

Recovery Needed
To Break-Even

Experience the clarity and confidence of having an actively managed portfolio that automatically adapts when markets fall and can dynamically capitalize on opportunities as they arise.



What makes

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Automated Investing

With a few simple questions, connect your bank account or transferring an existing account and we'll start actively investing your account based on your personalized risk profile score and objectives.

Fractional Shares

Whether your account is $5,000 or $500,000 you'll be invested in the right allocation of investments for you. Instead of having to choose between two different kinds of investments because their share price is high, we can buy smaller portions.

View All Financial Accounts

More than just automated investing that adapts to the market. adaptVest is your financial hub where you can view all of your financial accounts, bank, credit card, insurance, 401k or other outside investment accounts.

Active Management

Our investments change as markets change and dynamically adjust to risks and opportunities as they arise. Many of our competitors will charge an advisory fee to invest your account into something that closely resembles a target date retirement fund, one that does not dynamically adjust to market risks and opportunities.

Access To Investment Team

Questions or concerns about your investments? Chat, email or call our investment team who's managing your account. There's no additional fees associated with talking with our investment team.

Dynamic Financial Planning

You'll have access to on-demand financial planning tools to help you navigate all of life's stages. You can set goals, track progress, test "what-if" scenarios and run monte carlo simulations to make sure you stay on track. When life changes, so can your financial plan.

Smart Rebalancing

We'll monitor your investment account to ensure that it stays within the right allocation of investments. Periodically we'll rebalance your account to keep your account and keep your account within the target allocations.

No Lock-Ups

It's your money and we don't restrict access to it. You can connect your outside bank account to transfer to and from your adaptVest account. We also don't penalize you for cancelling your account.

Cost Efficiency

We charge a simple transparent fee that is 40% less than the average investment advisory fees. The ultra low cost robo advisors while less expensive typically provide no investment management services or essentially a target date retirement fund that you could purchase on your own without their advisory fees.

Ready To Adapt?

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